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We are a company which provides a water service that can increase productivity and reduce day to day running costs. SITETANK® is a patented bulk water tank within a shipping container and holds approximately 30,000 litres. 

Some of the many benefits of using our tank are as follows:
  • Having water on site.
  • No more long delays while your truck is away getting water.
  • Save money by not having to hire a second or third water truck.
  • Natural - quality water is available which eliminates the negatives associated with using recycled water.
  • Affordable hire rates - long or short term.
  • Our tanks are typically needed on site for such projects as road construction, major landscapers, construction sites and other large volume users of bulk water.
We do also provide dry hire water trucks 1,500 and 2,000 litres, automated pump systems, filtration and water purification units.

Please contact us for full details of our service and to discuss your specific needs. We are always willing to customize our service to suit individual customers.
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